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An Attorney Opinion

"It's a thorough, hands-on roadmap of how to set up a litigation support department and how to make an existing department better, written by someone with actual experience in creating a successful lit support department. In short, it's exactly what you would like to have at hand when building a lit support department. It includes checklists, useful files on CDs and a detailed roadmap of the steps in the litigation process where lit support personnel can be employed effectively. If you have the task of creating, builiding or managing a lit support department, get a copy of this book as your starting guide. It'll take you a long way." - Dennis Kennedy,

Merck Facing First Federal Vioxx Trial (5th Nov 2005)

Quote: "HOUSTON - With Merck & Co. now 1-and-1 in state lawsuits over its Vioxx painkiller, the nation's No. 5 drug maker may face higher stakes later this month in the first federal trial of charges that it knowingly rushed a potentially lethal drug to market to pocket billions in profits. "They have a fresh crack at it in a court that is a very important court," said Benjamin Zipursky, a professor at Fordham Law School in New York. "For Merck, reputationally, investors will look at what happens in federal courts as a signal of the strength of the goods on Merck."..."

Creating Less-Paper Environments – PGFM Imaging Case Study (pdf)

Document Technologies (DTI) is helping ease the growing pains of one of Washington’s top law firms. The growth of Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy LLP (PGFM) is a testament to its success in the boardroom and in the courtroom. But the expansion brings with it an ongoing challenge – shrinking office space. As the firm grows, available space for billable staff members becomes increasingly precious. In particular, the use of expensive, prime office space for file storage makes little economic or operational sense..

Litigation Support Department "The Book"

Every law firm has its own personality and culture, often with people who have been there for ten, twenty or more years. In this sort of environment, instituting a new system can be difficult, if not impossible. However, the current state of Litigation Support in most law firms could do with a complete overhaul in order to deal with the various documentation needs demanded by the average case. Attorneys do not have the time or interest in distinguishing between single page .TIFs versus multi-page .TIFs: they simply want to start looking at those images. Who can take ownership of this type of technical consideration, thereby leaving attorneys and paralegals to the law? That is the purpose of this book. Excerpts..

'Racehorse' Haynes not your typical defense lawyer by Maria Khan

If he's not on your side, you might consider getting down on your knees and praying, because this man's track record just screams and yells success. If he is on your side, be thankful he even had the time to accept your case.

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